The 2019 racing season marked the beginning of a major change in the future plans of Scott Bloomquist’s racing operation out of Mooresburg, TN.  The Hall of Fame driver announced his partnership with industry executive and entrepreneur, Cody Sommer.  Scott Bloomquist Racing was formed and the duo set out to achieve many goals, before immediately being faced with unexpected hardship.  In March of 2019, Bloomquist was involved in a motorcycle accident which would sideline him for a major portion of the 2019 racing season.  However, the then new business partners bounced back quickly when Bloomquist returned behind the wheel along with the operation fielding a second team car, expanding their efforts in the super late model industry.  In that first year, the organization experienced a lot of success and went on to win several major events and all eyes were on SBR to accomplish even more.  The next year, SBR set out and targeted a championship on the World of Outlaws Series Tour amongst their two car effort. However, 2020 brought a new set of challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic begun to have an influence on businesses across the world.  After switching focus back towards a one car operation in 2021, Scott Bloomquist Racing has had a variety of notable ups and downs throughout the racing season.  As end of year and 2022 planning is approaching the beginning stages, the duo has officially decided to once again make some major changes within the operation.


At the conclusion of the 2021 racing season, Bloomquist and Sommer have decided to cordially and mutually part ways, thus marking the end of their nearly 3 year business partnership within the walls of their racing operation in Mooresburg, TN.  However, the partnership coming to end does not mean Bloomquist is hanging up the helmet, as he will continue to compete in 2022 inside the cockpit of his iconic #0.  When the new racing season begins, the business partnership will indeed no longer exist, but the pair have continued to maintain common perspective, goals and thoughts on their direction moving forward.


“When we started, we always said if we ever got to a point where our vision for the business was different… we would always part ways the right way, respectfully and on the same page.  Unfortunately, Scott’s motorcycle accident was a very unexpected, big hurdle right out of the gate and a challenge we certainly have faced throughout our entire partnership together.  Deciding to part ways is certainly a hard decision to make but we both feel strongly that this is what is best for both of us at this time and that it is important to finish it out strong”, Said Bloomquist’s business partner and SBR President, Cody Sommer. 


“In the beginning, we set high expectations and goals.  We accomplished many of those goals but we also fell short on many as well.  We ended up facing a lot of challenges that we didn’t expect at all and it certainly made it difficult at times to make progress.  However, I am proud of what we have been able to do together in 3 years and I have nothing but respect for Scott.  I am thankful to have been able to work alongside the greatest to ever get behind the wheel and strap on the helmet and I am grateful for the many things I have experienced and learned along the way”. Said Sommer. 


As the managing partner of the business for the last 3 years, Sommer closed out his comments with “When we complete this season, I look forward to re-focusing on the friendship Scott and I originally formed and get back to where we started in the beginning.  This has been an unforgettable journey… I am thankful to all of the great sponsors and partners for their support of our vision.  Most importantly I am so appreciative to the fans that have shown support of me from day one and who accepted me over into the dark side with open arms”, Sommer said with a laugh.


The decision to reset the deck at years end comes consciously for both Sommer and Bloomquist, which is a good representation of  the commitments they made in the beginning.  “It is important for us to give 100% and finish this year strong.  Our fans and partners deserve that.  We have a lot of commitments that are important to both of us and we really want to make our partners and fans proud and excited for the future.” Said Bloomquist.  “I want to get back to what I am comfortable with and how I always did things before.  I think Cody has been a great partner for me and has always had my best interest along the way.  He has certainly showed me a lot about business, and I plan to continue applying many of those things in the future myself.  There is no doubt his dedication and work ethic for this stuff is second to none and for that I’ve got a ton of respect for him… our decision here doesn’t change that at all and I know we are going to continue being great friends moving forward and there is certainly the possibility of continuing to have a business relationship with him in the future as well.”

When asked about his 2022 racing plans Bloomquist simply said “I know right now, I am focused on finishing this year (2021) strong”.


The team also released some updates to their remaining 2021 racing schedule which includes some appearances with a 2nd team entry (#0NH) and driver Nick Hoffman, who filled in for Bloomquist this summer as he was sidelined with injuries.  That schedule can be found online at