Cody Sommer becomes part-owner managing all aspects of Bloomquist moving forward

Mooresburg, TN. — Just a couple of weeks ago, Scott Bloomquist sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident to his right hip and right knee.  The accident abruptly altered plans for the #0 team and their 2019 season. The prognosis for recovery and rehabilitation from these injuries are projected to take several months.  Currently, decisions are being formulated on how best to move forward, as well as establishing a more specific timeline on the Hall of Fame drivers return to the cockpit. Bloomquist has returned to home and has been seeing one of the best therapy clinics in the Knoxville area.

Amidst unfortunate circumstances, the operation is forging forward and making important decisions regarding the future of the #0 team and Scott Bloomquist Racing.

The dirt track racing Hall of Famer has set his sights on accomplishing even more in the sport and he now has the support of one of the industry’s most respected innovators. Bloomquist has officially forged a partnership with Cody Sommer.

The duo began discussing a possible partnership in 2018 and have officially reached an agreement that sets the stage for the “FUTURE” of the entire Team Zero organization now and after the 9X National Champion decides to hang up the helmet.  The partnership comes at a vital time, where the operation is in a position to re-group, make changes and develop a solid plan for when Bloomquist returns behind the wheel. 

In a sport that continues to change and become more and more competitive, Bloomquist has continued to adapt and evolve with the times. Even with each evolution, he has found himself at the top of the sport, succeeding no matter the circumstances. An impressive resume for Bloomquist includes 9 National Championships, 8 Dreams, 4 World 100’s and over 600 victories in total that include all of the industry’s major crown jewels. However, Bloomquist admits that there has been a void in his operation with a need for guidance, structure and business leadership for some time. Sommer is slated to fill that void managing the business which will allow Bloomquist to focus on recovery and competing at the highest level when he returns behind the wheel. 

Bloomquist prides himself on having “NO WEAK LINKS” and this partnership reiterates that moving forward. Cody Sommer will manage the business but he will also be a part-owner with Bloomquist and taking on the role of President of the newly formed organization. Sommer is no newcomer to challenges and now takes on the task of creating an organized business, guiding the company into its future both on and off the race track. 

 “When you walk in this shop and you see the history, you understand where this man (Scott Bloomquist) has been and what he is capable of if the pieces of the puzzle all fit right.  This decision is something that we are taking very seriously, and we have very specific goals in mind” Said Sommer.  “Scott’s accomplishments behind the wheel have always set the bar for which the entire sport has strived to be on the race track. This partnership will also allow us the opportunity to set that same bar for the industry off of the race track” Said Sommer.  The credentials and expertise that Sommer brings to the table will not only change the landscape for Bloomquist moving forward but it will help ensure Scott is able to focus on competing at the highest possible level.

In fact, the organization has specific performance plans & goals to accompany their business and post-career plans. The team will begin taking on more developmental projects including building a new car specifically for testing and R&D purposes, a dedicated pull-down area within the race shop headquarters, custom equipment for aerodynamic research and several other functions dedicated to performing on the race track.     

“If you sit back and look at the accomplishments he has had with little structure and organization…it really is remarkable” said Sommer.  “Allowing Scott the ability to focus on speed is essential. It will create more accomplishment.  I don’t think anyone would disagree that when he is able to focus, he is going to be very hard to beat on the race track, he has proven that over and over again in the past” He added. 

Scott did have comments to add, backing up those of his new business partner “Over the years I’ve had a lot of great people help me accomplish many things. This partnership is going to allow us together to accomplish even more. We are going to WIN more championships… more Dreams, more World 100’s and more major events… this is going to allow me the ability to focus on that now more than ever.  I’m not dead yet, so just get ready” said Bloomquist.

Although many parts of the organization will take time to evolve there are some areas that will see change very quickly. The team will be hiring additional help to support the #0 car but also have plans of housing a second team in the future. The Bloomquist identity & brand will be honed and organized with plans of taking it to the highest possible levels. Partnerships and involving more corporate partners is a key area of focus, this strategy spearheaded by Sommer, who has visions of corporate involvement going well beyond the industries current. 

Sommer recognizes the immediate concern of ensuring the organization sustains itself during a very hard time, while their Hall of Fame driver is sidelined with injuries and unable to compete. “Scott has never seen a situation like this as he has always been able to race. Being sidelined for several months is going to be a challenge for everyone involved. There is overhead, there are bills and there are responsibilities. Scott has many friends, sponsors and family offering their support during this hard time and he is very appreciative of it” Said Sommer.

Many people have asked how they can help offer support for Bloomquist as he is sidelined for several months, working towards recovery and rehabilitation. Scott Bloomquist Racing has setup an official home for any support at 

Scott Bloomquist Racing has launched a new official website at and can also be found on social media by Facebook @ScottBloomquistRacing and Twitter @SBR_TeamZero

Any questions or inquires may be sent via email to 


About Scott Bloomquist Racing:

Scott Bloomquist Racing is an industry leading racing organization built upon unrivaled success on the race track and off the race track.  SBR houses the iconic #0 car which is driven by their Hall of Fame driver (Scott Bloomquist) across the United States.  The 9X National Champion has racked up over 600 victories, 8 Dirt Late Model Dreams, 4 Worlds 100’s and has victory at every other major event in this sport.  More information regarding Scott Bloomquist Racing can be found online at